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A small sound

Rather quiet here today.  The weather was beautiful, which in VT means about 35 and not snowing.  The snow was actually melting today.  My daughter and I walked around town and enjoyed the hint of spring.  We played our first game of Flash Card War.  The game was fun,  we made up flash cards using 0 to 10 in addition and subtraction equations; who ever has the highest number wins the hand, ties are settled the same way as traditional war.  The goal is to increase speed and accuracy – getting ready for second grade and all.

My tree made a small sound, I now have 7 followers on twitter.  I have submitted letters to three local papers.  As well as reaching out to ‘Defend Public Education’ regarding collaborating in their organizing efforts on behalf of education. 

I leave this evening with thoughts and prayers for the people of Japan.


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