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Gifts From The Sea remembered

Been awhile since I have sat down to write.  It has been a busy work week. 

I am excited to say that afer 3 months the snow banks in our driveway have receded enough to allow me to park next to husband’s truck this evening.  We still have a fire and the April Fool’s N’oreaster has come and gone.  May it be the last one of the year.  The Canadian Geese are heading North, Robbins have been spotted and my daughter is leaving her winter gear at school, so I guess spring is coming, eventually. 

I am looking forward to speaking with the teachers at my local school regarding the 4Rs Project.  I found a book that was given to me by teachers in my 11th year of  High School which I will use during the presentation.  I have carried this book. and the memories attached to it, since high school, to college and into my adult life.  “Gifts from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh was given to me by two very special teachers. One that was my teacher and friend and one that didn’t even know.  That book helped me through a very difficult time in my life and still helps me today.  I wish I knew where these two people are today to be able to say thank you.  Perhaps someday I will.

If you would ike to read the book, the 50th Anniversay edition in available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Gift-Sea-Anne-Morrow-Lindbergh/dp/0679406832


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