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Great News for Teachers

A lot has happened this week that has re-energized me and my determination to make a difference.  I received a call from our local paper asking for information on Apples For Teachers and the 4Rs Project.  The reporter had read my Letter to the Editor back in March and wanted to see how things were going.  She is going to do a story on this effort that will appear in the Sunday paper – I am so humbled by this, I so hope that the article will generate more letters to the editors and to our legislators.   Perhaps even a kind word to a teacher. 

The other great thing that happened was our first response from an elected official to the letters students at Blue Mountain Union School wrote.  Our Senator wrote a wonderful letter acknowledging the important work that teachers do, and the fact that the majority of the mail he receives reflects negatively on teachers.  This reinforced for me the importance of sharing our stories and  connecting with elected officials so that they have a different point of view to consider. 

I will post the article when it comes out!


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