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Renewed focus

It has been two years since I first began this blog and struck out on my own to recognize the wonderful teachers that have done so much for us and our children. I respect the profession of teaching and have been blessed with wonderful teachers throughout my primary and secondary education. These dedicated people gave me something that no one else really could… a desire to learn.

Apples for Teachers’ mission was originally to empower students and parents alike to think about those teachers, those special people that made a difference in their lives, and to write about them. The thought was that if we remember what makes teachers special, maybe we can restore the respect we once showed this profession. Through the use of stories, I believed that working with students and parents to write letters about teachers that have made a difference in their lives to newspapers, local, state and national legislators, local school boards, principals, etc, we could make a powerful statement.

It is 2013 and while I still believe in the power of stories, I have found that there are so many wonderful people fighting for Public Education, that I joined in their conversation. I have redesigned the Apples For Teachers blog to reflect this new focus. The education of our children, all of our children, is the key to a peaceful future. Children clamor for education around the world. We in the US will find our way, as long as we keep moving the conversation forward. Educators, parents and kids need to work together to influence policy. Let’s get started.

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