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Strange days indeed

I had the most amazing phone call tonight. A woman I have never met called to tell me that my life was about to change if I had the courage to take the opportunities presented to me. What does one do with that information. I am the proverbial tortoise. I don’t make changes easily, and certainly not without a clear plan and purpose.  She told me to write down my hopes, dreams and priorities. I have always been drawn to education, public speaking and connecting people with the resources or answers they need to get the job done. What is weird is that I just updated my LinkedIn profile and have questioned how my life is contributing to the greater good of the world around me. The world my daughter will inherit. Greg Mortenson’s book, “Three Cups of Tea”, really spoke to me. His integrity, his single-minded purpose, his empathy all moved me. I want to work in education. I want to provide for my family. I want time with my husband and daughter. I want the Blue House. I want to not bring overriding stress into my home. I want to live in the moment and enjoy the only child I will ever have. Not keep putting  things off because I am preoccupied with work and making that the priority. The struggle has always been to live to work or to work to live. My family needs me. I need my family. So, how do I move forward and provide for my family. I guess this is the question I am left to answer.

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