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The price of education

I have been attending our local school board meetings and have learned a lot. While I cannot speak for other schools, I have been impressed with our Administration and the tough job they have. I am amazed at the amount of unfunded mandates that accompany our children’s education. From the cafeteria to classroom to the transportation of our kids. How do small school districts survive?

I just finished Greg Mortensen’s “Stones into Schools” and I think of the Kyrgyz people that built the school at the top of the world. They gave everything they had to the dream of educating their children, and here we fight about the value of education. Teachers in Afghanistan and Pakistan risk their lives to educate girls. Teachers in the US go to school with the threat of potential of violence hanging over their heads. Yet, all are teachers and this is what they do.

So what price education? I guess I will find out March 1 st when our government cuts $3Billion from education funding. And March 5th when our school districts votes on the 2013-2014 school budget. If only we dreamed of education as the Kyrgyz did.

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