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See what people are saying

Posted 3/8/2011

State:  Florida

When did this teacher work with you?  Elementary School

One of the best teacher’s in my past was a tough New Yorker named Mrs Betterman, or “Ms. B” to all her 5th graders. Ms. B was not conventional, she was strict and some would say mean. She never tolerated any bad behaviors from gum chewing (she would place it on our noses, or for serial gum chewers, in their hair) to talking in class (go directly to the corner). However, she taught us all to respect ourselves and others. We learned to listen to everyone’s opinions, even if they were different from ours. She also had a soft side, listening to any and all of our problems and making them seem not so bad with her no nonsense advice. We lost Ms. B when I was in junior high school, and it was a testiment to this great teacher that the church was filled with her students…most in tears…none chewing gum.

Laura R.

Posted 3/12/2011

State:  New York

When did this teacher work with you?  High School

Teachers believe in their students, open their minds to possibilities, teach them to think critically, and prepare them for careers.  I have had many teachers help guide me to where I am today; and while the path has been far from straight, I can see each one of them and their impact on me along the way.  Mr. Matthews had the first computer I had ever seen, an Apple II.  It was in a small room off his classroom, he would spend time after school with the few students that were interested in learning about this new technology, and I was hooked.  Mr. Matthews opened up a whole new world to me, on his own time and with an infectious enthusiasm that still resonates with me when I  figure out that technical glitch or learn a new software program.  I was the only girl in that small group of kids, but Mr. Matthews believed in me and this helped me believe in myself.   

Judy M.

Posted 5/2/2011

State:  Vermont

When did this teacher work with you?  Elementry School